What makes No Limits the best coverband in the country is not just the high standard they play to nor their ability to entertain and get the crowd going.

What makes the band unique is their musical range.

The band consists of four very talented musicians who with their extensive and lively repertoire deliver everything from old disco tunes and hard rock classics to the latest radio hits and delicate jazz standards. As the house band in a highly acclaimed Christmas show, as the evening entertainment or as the night’s special event – no matter what the setting - No Limits are a definite crowd pleaser.

Types of gigs

  • Events/kickoffs


    You have endless possibilities and more variations than you can think of. Usually an acoustic set is included, some sort of interactive component- such as a music quiz, a prominent artist performance with No Limits as the backup band and then a final with No Limits on their own, playing a custom-made set list.

  • Party


    With a wide range of songs, always up to date with the latest trends, No Limits are always a big hit, no matter where the stage or who the audience is, whether in a Night Club in the city, at après ski in Chamonix, a pub in Åre, a cruise ship at sea, or the “after beach” in Halmstad…

  • Show/Houseband


    Their experience and high standard of music makes No Limits perfectly suited to this type of job. With plenty of shows and house band jobs under their belts, they are both reliable and innovative, from the planning stages right through to the big night.